Conditions of Use              

 1. Identity and Adress of the contractor: 

Galeria Plakatu w Krakowie Spółka Cywilna Krzysztof Dydo, Ewa Pabis  ulica Stolarska 8-10, 31-043 Kraków

Owners: Krzysztof Dydo i Ewa Pabis 

Telefon: 0048 -12 421 2640
Zarejestrowany w: Urząd Miasta Krakowa
Odpowiedzialny Urząd Skarbowy: Urząd Skarbowy Kraków Stare Miasto
REGON 350694023    NIP 676-01-22-893
These are the general terms and conditions of trade for Galeria Plakatu and their clients. The current version at the time of ordering will be the valid version at all times.
No other conditions will be accepted Galeria Plakatu, unless Galeria Plakatu has given explicit permission in writing for each separate incident.
3. Offers
The goods displayed on our online presence are without obligation. A sales contract comes into being only after the order confirmation by Galeria Plakatu.
The acceptance of the order is conditional the legal allowance of the material and also of the availability of the ordered goods. Especially deliveries by our own suppliers shall be reserved. When Galeria Plakatu cannot accept the client offer, the client shall be informed of this unavailability. Any services already rendered by the client shall be refunded immediately.
6. Price
Our prices are subject to the legal Value. There will be a charge for shipping costs and packaging, as mentioned on the website, in the catalogue or a variable charge communicated in another way (See the subheading ‚shipping costs’ for details).
7. Shipping
If not specified otherwise, the delivery will take place immediately after receipt of payment to the adress which the client notes at the submission of the order. Galeria Plakatu will deliver the goods under the conditions agreed with the client.
Galeria Plakatu will deliver the merchandise to the client as agreed with and specified by the client. Specifications as to shipping times and durations are to be taken as estimates, and are in no way binding – unless Galeria Plakatu made a binding promise in writing, by way of exception.
Payment options
Galeria Plakatu accepts only the payment options that are made known during the placing of the order (bank transfer, Pay-Pal, Cash).
Payments from non-EU states are only possible with Pay-pal, naming the E-mail adress of Galeria Plakatu (please issue payment over the link-button). The shipment of the merchandise will follow after the receipt of payment in our Pay-pal account.
Retention of title
Galeria Plakatu remains the legal proprietor of the delivered merchandise until full payment is made.  
be adressed to: Galeria Plakatu w Krakowie SC Krzysztof Dydo, Ewa Pabis, ul. Stolarska 8-10,31-043 Kraków
or by e-mail: :
Data protection
The client placing the order is to be informed in detail about the means, amplitude, place and purpose of the collection, processing and use of personal data, that were necessary for the carrying out of the order or the registration of the email messaging service (see the heading ‚Data Protection’). The client agrees to this collection, processing and use of personal data explicitly. Galeria Plakatu commits itself to use the collected data only for company internal actions.

Final provisions
The law of the l Republic of Poland prevails, with exclusion of the UN law on the international sales of goods.
Translations of the terms and conditions into other languages are categorically only meant as a non-binding service, binding are only the terms and conditions in the Polish language.

Complaints. The customer has the right to return goods within 10 days without reason.
No complaints will be taken into account that relate to the differences in colors between clients monitor and real colors.
The customer on payment of the fee has the right to verify the contents of the package in the presence of deliverer and determine whether there is damage to the goods during delivery. The basis for the claim for damages will be mechanical with a written complaint executed by the Protocol. The product should be returned to the company address and a receipt, and the reasons for complaints.
Advertised goods (protected against destruction) should be returned to the company address. Cost of returning the client bears .

We always want to make a good service and all our Customers are important for us. If in any case our service is not as good as You expected, we offer full guarantee of Your satisfaction - this might be refund, return or other compensation
. If you have any questions regarding our website feel free to send us be adressed to: Galeria Plakatu w Krakowie SC Krzysztof Dydo, Ewa Pabis, ul. Stolarska 8-10, 31-043 Kraków or by  e-mail: :